Brings the body into harmony and flow

Unlike expected by the word acupuncture, this effective yet gentle therapy method is performed without needles. It is painless and relaxing for the patient. The sustainability is based on uniting Eastern energy teachings and techniques with Western therapeutic approaches.


The aim is:

  • Painlessness
  • Elimination of complaints (See list below)
  • Best possible mobility in the whole body
  • Through more energy, more joy in life


The therapy consists of:

  • The activation and harmonization of the energy flow in the body (via the meridians)
  • Dissolving energy blockages in the whole body
  • Activation of the body's own self-healing powers
  • Mobilizing and aligning the pelvis, spine and joints with painless grips.
  • Correction of compensatory posture
  • Dissolving pain conditions
  • Tracing the cause
  • Targeted treatment and energization of organs and acupuncture points


Since physical discomfort is often an energetic imbalance in body, mind and spirit, this method can provide relief from almost all ailments and pain conditions by harmonizing the flow of energy throughout the body.