It is time for an energetic house cleaning if:

  • You sleep very restlessly
  • There is a lot of arguin
  • you feel uncomfortable within your four wall
  • diffuse fears develop
  • You remain unsuccessful in your plans
  • Children no longer want to enter a room or individual areas
  • You would like to precede with personal growth, but you do not get off the spot.
  • Sadness spreads
  • You have the feeling of being watche


What can disturb our peace

  • Radiation, vibrations and energies affect us more than we think. They are difficult to make out because they are not visible to most people.
  • Our own resonance often gives access to unwanted energies. Everything we send out or have ever sent out comes back to us at some point.
  • We are energetically burdened by others from the present or past life or even from previous lives.
  • Sometimes other beings or deceased people visit us because they have a message for us.
  • It can also happen that other creaturs do their mischief and have fun. This is usually not out of a bad intention.


My work

  • Dissolving energetic burdens
  • Detect messages and causes
  • Cleaning the energy of the house/apartment
  • Protection of the house
  • Flooding with light


Also material things can be cleaned energetically

Things are there to provide their service to humans/animals. They are satisfied when we are happy about their service and appreciate it.
You know this. Suddenly an appliance no longer functions properly for no reason. The car doesn't start anymore. Etc.

All things consist of energy and can be purified with vibration.

Just as I do with people, I also treat all material things and ask for restoration of the originally intended functionality.

You yourself may help with gratitude and appreciation to let your tools and material aids to heal and become whole again.


Cleaning out of material in the house

We are not aware of how much material abundance can affect us.

  • It can create the feeling of being crushed.
  • We may often feel that we do not have enough air to breathe.
  • We waste our time moving things from one corner to another.
  • We can't decide which of the many things to use.
  • We spend a lot of time searching.
  • etc.

Get rid of unnecessary loads, this creates clarity in the mind and in the closet. It makes life easier on many levels and it also helps with mental and emotional decluttering.
You can't manage on your own to get rid of unused or useless things?

I will be happy to help you sort out things, to emotionally process and finally let go.