Well advised in all situations in life - your guardian angel knows it all


We all know him.

We all have a personal one.

One who is only there for us.


The guardian angel

He and many other angels help us with the special "Earth Angel Coaching Technique according to Sigrun and Armin Ender" to find the right causes and solutions and to work on them in the depth.

Switch off your mind and let your superconscious and subconscious as well as your guardian angel guide you.

Our body only shows us symptoms, but the cause lies mainly in our cells, in the energetic, ethereal body, in the subconscious and in our soul. We store pretty much everything there. Experiences, beliefs, feelings, pain and also issues from the past and previous lives.


Love as if you have never been hurt before.


This sentence makes it pretty clear why

  • We are always afraid of certain situations (because something negative happened once - the body has stored it)
  • We blow up over small issues (because we once felt cornered - the body has stored it)
  • Our body always shows the same or similar physical pain (because we always live in the same pattern)
  • We find it hard to trust someone (because we were once betrayed - the body has stored it)
  • We are afraid to love (because we have been hurt once - the body has stored it)
  • We never have the currage to do certain things (because we once experienced defeat - the body has stored it)
  • We feel shame (because we were once laughed at - the body has stored it)
  • We constantly chase money (because it has been drummed into us that we have to work hard to gain wealth and respect and because we have been made to believe that we never get enough)
  • We fight with our partner (because we once didn't get what we wanted just because we didn't fight - the body has stored it)


All experiences and beliefs are stored in our cells and prevent us from reacting to situations in a light-hearted and unencumbered way. Our cells decide that we evaluate and deal with similar situations in the same way again and again, although they may occur in a completely different context.


Symptoms, physical pain, blockages and problems can only disappear permanently if the "cause" is dealt with and eliminated at the deepest levels of our being.



  • With the special Earth Angel Coaching technique I connect with your energy. You are in a fully awake state.
  • We let your subconscious and superconscious and your guardian angel guide us to the causes.
  • With the powerful and loving energy of the angels we solve and work on the issues/blockages on a mental, spiritual, emotional, energetic and cellular level.
  • You will receive indications on which area of your life  and which behaviour patterns or beliefs you can focus on.
  • You will not have to solve your issues with mindpower. The vibration of the angels will bring about all the changes that will help you advance.
  • Your task is to be open to change.
  • Upon request you will receive a personal stabilisation essence, in order to optimally support your changing process.
  • You will be accompanied and supported by me during the whole coaching process, also outside our sessions.

More information


The EarthAngel Coaching Technique can be applied to all areas of life or issues.

- health

- Partnership

- family

- finances

- career

- Further development

- Personal growth

- Energetic house cleaning and liberation from external energies

- etc.


Energy and angels are not bound to time or space. Sessions can take place in my working space, in any quiet place or also on the phone by means of a photo.


Angel coaching has nothing to do with religion but with the pure, powerful energy of the angels and their wonderful and healing vibration.


I will be happy to give you more information about the coaching process personally by phone.