I realized a few years ago that I have been given the gift of feeling the energy of other people and setting in motion a self-healing process in my counterpart.


You can imagine it like this:

A human being is like a hard drive and stores vast amounts of data somewhere. At some point the hard drive is so full that the computer slows down and finally blocks completely. We are just like this computer. He is very inventive in storing data, good as well as negative. We find these storage places everywhere. In the organs, in the aura, in the cells, in the brain, in the spine, in the blood, in the lymphs, in the meridians, in the chakras, in the karma in the emotional and mental levels and so on. These are then your hidden files, because you do not even know that you still have this information nor where it is stored. Compared to the computer, the human being subsequently becomes tired or drained, indecisive, feels remot controlled and somehow does not get on in life, reacts inappropriately to situations, sometimes does not understand himself and is obstructed in many ways.

So if you have a problem with your computer, you call the IT technician and give him remote access. He will fix the blockages in the background and remove all the viruses and foreign attacks that block, disrupt and make your computer slow. When he has solved the problem, he logs out again. Your computer is now fast and efficient again without you knowing what exactly the technician did.


So that means I search for your hidden files by connecting to your energy. I let myself be guided to the causes by yourself, that is, your Higher Self and your subconscious.


That means:

  • I let myself be led to the causes and the origin of your complaints, blockages, pains, memories and shapes from present/childhood/earlier life, pointless beliefs and values, inherited family stories, foreign energies, foreign attacks, etc.
  • There I search for the information what you should learn from the situation in question. Because we humans only learn through the process of cognition or experience. So if you recognize "why", you can save yourself many arduous experiences.
  • On these unconscious, deepest levels of the human being we will now delete the imprints that obstruct you so that you can move forward again and change things.
  • There we will also use targeted energies so that the self-healing process is set in motion. Your life will become more smooth and harmonious.


Of course you are fully conscious during everything I do.


I only help you to clean and reprogram your hard- and software so that the self-healing in you is activated and a change can take place. You will no longer have to regulate your issues and desired changes in your life with your mind power. By clearing the blockages from all levels, the process of change will begin on its own. Your responsibility is to remain open to the change. To be open to the new possibilities that come your way and to allow that you want to behave differently than before.


You can think of these blockages as knots. The more severe the symptoms, the more knots form into a big tangled mess. Like the tangle of cables on a computer. The individual nodes represent the storages on the different levels.


It may be that we have to work a few times on serious and chronic issues as well as life issues, that you have been carrying around since early childhood, because they are stored in different levels. Because if the blockages are stored in 10 levels but only 5 are solved the knot does not burst, your complaints remain. The imprints must be released on all levels until the change can fully occur. But then the knot will burst, the symptoms will disappear and the change will come all by itself.


This may sound like a lot of work, but the advantage of my special way of working is that we work through so much in 1.5 - 2 hours, where elsewhere you have to invest 8 - 10 hours.


Since energy is not bound to time or space, there are various possibilities to work on your issues.

  • You can come to my energetic work space
  • I can work on the issue for you with a photo and then you will receive the details of the work afterwards by voice message or personally by phone.  This is convenient because you can go about your business at home or at work while I work on your issues.
  • We can do the work together on the phone
  • We can meet by Whatsapp, Skype, Teams or Zoom Meeting.


The healing process between each coaching session is 6 weeks. The person, his body as well as his environment need time to accept and implement the change. This period of time is also a relieve for you. You do not have to go to therapy every week and yet so much can be changed and resolved during this time. Being mindful of yourself is a key word here. Because there may not only be changes in what you came to me for but also other issues that are not central can disappear.


If the process between coaching it very strenuous, I can gladly stabilize you with a photo.


Please also keep in mind that your environment will also change with your changing. This should not cause you fear, but joy. By becoming more and more yourself and going your own way in life, you will become happier and calmer, dealing with other people will become easier and more enriching.


I am happy to be able to go at your side on your way