Coaching of a different kind........

Through my special gift of being able to connect with your energy, we trace and solve the cause of your blockages, troubles and pains directly on the unconscious level and at the roots.

You will no longer have to solve your issues through the mind.

Your assignment will be:

  • to be open to changes and the new possibilities that life will present to you.
  • to have the courage to walk through the door when it opens. And it will open.
  • to behave differently than before. Because situation will be offered to you so you have a chance to be differently when you are ready.



When you jump

over your shadow

You land

in the warmth and light

of the sun


We work with the following techniques, which are based on a special way of working with energy

  • Detecting and solving the causes of your issue, where they arise, on an energetic, unconscious level
  • Dissolving energetic burdens and energies that impact you from outside
  • Dissolving blockages, beliefs, conditionings, behaviour patterns and imprints in the subconscious mind
  • Dissolving karmic burdens
  • Family constellation in single session
  • Systemic constellation in single session
  • Energy session
  • Aura cleansing and repair
  • Organ cleansing
  • Vertebra cleansing and alignment
  • In order to intensify and support the process of reappraisal , I can create an aura spray for you, which is customized to your very personal theme.
  • Couple counselling


You can imagine it like this

How does this technique work

No matter what it is, together we solve your issue at the source

Emotional issues, such as stress, anxiety, anger, not being oneself, feeling remote controlled, aggressiveness, sadness and depression, etc.

Mental concerns, decision making, conflicts, Lack of motivation, difficulty with finding a vocation, disability to keep developing, desire for advancement, etc.

Physical issues, The body is only the warning light. The causes lie much deeper. When a certain issue needs to be solved, the soul eventually chooses to speak through the body so that we can hear it. Physical pain is therefore not a curse, but a blessing.

Partnership difficulties, communicational difficulties, sexual problems, aggression, drifting apart, no possibility of self-realization, etc.

Financial problems, Unemployment, Dissatisfaction or problems at work, never having enough money, debts, etc.

Social problems, wrong circle of friends, lack of exercise, not daring to leave the house, shyness, not being able to say no, not being able to stand by one's opinion or oneself, not liking oneself physically as well as internally, lack of a sense of belonging, etc.

Growing process, fear of change, stagnation of development, not knowing how to go on, recognizing your calling, recognizing and living one's needs, etc.

Family concerns