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It is time to enter the eye of the storm.

It is very important for me to share this text with you. A wise friend brought it to my attention.

Full moon message (from Adelheid Brunner - on Facebook “Altes Wissen” – Translation by Tamara Menard). Heidi perceives the vibrations of the field very clearly - for me a confirmation of my own perception.


In the night from 20th to 21st September a powerful full moon takes place again. One day before the autumnal equinox and thus at an important threshold crossing in the annual cycle, this full moon has a lot to do with inner balance ....


How do I find my inner balance ?

What or who throws me again and again out of my inner balance ?

What do I need to stay in inner harmony ?


With this full moon we enter the climax of this crazy year 2021 .... All topics will intensify once again ....everything that has not yet been seen , felt or said will become visible , tangible and finally heard


The division will develop to a climax ..... Bother! .... But otherwise it will not go


And while we long for vastness and freedom , it will become even narrower for the time being .... This is also already clearly visible .... Let's get ready ...


Much things are coming closer .... harry us ....scare us .....Especially that, what we have repressed the farthest and rejected the most …. will take its room nevertheless....


This will be truly no easy way this fall

It allows no more evasion and no more repressing or suppressing ....

It needs truth and clarity.... Wisdom and calm ....


It needs however inner truth, inner clarity, inner wisdom and inner peace ...., which means: we ourselves decide, where we stand and how we go along with the change ....


Energetically we enter the eye of the storm.


There, seems to me at this moment, as the only solution…. to remain still, to bring that immense power that works around us in the deepest inner of your being, to integrate it and not to nourish it in the outside at all .....


Eventually it will implode and we will rise from the center like a phoenix from the ashes.


Currently, however, the storm .... It blows violently and takes everything with it, which does not correspond to the new time.


Imagine calmly, what flies about your ears ..... oh dear! .... It is really a lot


Nevertheless, you remain in peace, standing upright (or lie or sit), center yourself, breathe, practice yourself in inner silence .....

And let the storm pass as consciously as possible .... Because it will pass


As bad as it may look.... And maybe it will be will pass !!!!! Eventually the storm will subside


I feel,  it now needs as many people as possible to stay upright as a lighthous ....just be there .... Shining through the storm.... Showing the way ... holding the power


Then we will make it quite well ..... in October comes a cosmic turning moment and until the winter solstice the strength of the storm should lose power


Let us step courageously into the eye of the storm, today and tomorrow...... Let us ground ourselves well, because that gives hold, do not forget to breathe, stay calm .... Hold power ....


Consciously decide and recognize that it needs exactly this vehemence and intensity (cruelty and inhumanity), that afterwards the truly new can arise.

Today is a Portal day – Keep your vibration high

We find us again in a portal day.

Portal days have their origin with the Mayas. On portal days the gates to other dimensions are opened. A lot of cosmic energy flows to the earth. It is like an update for the earth and its living beings. Corrections are made and it calls us for realignment. Often it is stormy weather on these days. These vibrations invite us to enter the gates of expanded consciousness, to come into a higher vibration, to discard old patterns and beliefs, and to connect in trust with the universal laws of the 5th dimention of love and value-freeness.

If you stand in your midst, it feels great, you become clearer and you feel full of energy, ideas and drive.

If you are not with you, this intense energy can come at you very strongly. Then you feel these vibrations with fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, intense dreams, restlessness, insecurity, nothing works, physical pain, irritability and thin-skinnedness.

If you are stuck in an particular issue, take advantage of these energetic days.  Take care of yourself, go into yourself, listen to your soul, courageously let come up what wants to show itself, then look at it from a higher dimension and finally let go of the issue in love.

I will gladly support you in raising your vibration.



Do you believe it? After resisting for years, I finally managed to convince myself to open an account on Facebook.

Now I'd like to write the blog there.

I'm not very familiar with Facebook yet, it might take a while until you can see my posts in English.

I would be delighted if you visit me from time to time on Facebook


Your body your guide (Part 3)


I like to use Louise Hay's book when I have physical complaints.

It gives me clues where to find the subject in the soul

As already mentioned, I have the opinion that the origin of all physical complaints may be found in the soul.



Your body your guide (Part 2)

So I went to the doctor and it turns out it's probably to as bad as assumed.  Ufff.

But now it's about not suppressing the message of my soul but working on it. Because if I ignore the signals now and I don’t feel like working on myself, my soul will probably take harder messures to be heard.

Or have you ever wondered why so many things happen to some people one after the other?

For example, a slight recurring illness (cold, hoarseness, allergy, etc.) then a small accident (cut yourself, bump your head, sprain something, etc.) then perhaps a person in the immediate environment falls seriously ill, then come problems or conflicts at work, in the neighbourhood, partnership, family, etc., followed by perhaps a serious accident or illness (something broken, an ulcer appears, something develops that needs to be operated), finally very serious illnesses, accidents or burnout where it then can take years to heal again.

That's why I ask you, please pay attention to the small signals of your soul and work on yourself and the issues that show up. Please stop fooling yourself and living compromises.  (31.1.21)



Your body your guide (Part 1)

Listen to your body. It is the voice of your soul. Just this weekend I had this experience again. I hurt my knee (I thought it was a torn ligament). Instead of getting upset about it, I listened, let him show me the cause and thanked him. Because when our soul wants to make a grievance known, it often speaks to us through the body. Because when it hurts, we are finally willing to listen. Stupid dont you agree? It could be so much easier. (27.5.21)


 Exclusive Nature-Coachings

From May to October, it is time again for my nature coaching sessions.

Nature presents us with an unimaginable variety, colourfulness and the basic trust that everything will take its course as it is meant to.

We go to places that are specially charged with energy. We let the healing power of nature with its sounds, scents, colours, its vibrating peace take us on a journey to the elemental forces within ourselves. Where we reactivate trust and our self-healing powers.


Nature Coaching Info




Why does this annoy me?   Look for the resonance in yourself.

If something bothers you about someone or a person disappoints you, work on the issue within yourself. I know from my own experience that if I can't deal with a situation in a judgment-free or indifferent way, I will find a resonance within myself. So, I carry a part of this theme in me. Be it that I have similar, subliminal patterns or that I can learn something from this person. Therefore, if you are annoyed by someone, ask yourself:


Where in me do I find this theme?

Do I sometimes behave similarly?

What can I learn from this person?



You think your boss is incompetent and doesn't deserve his position.

Ask yourself: Where am I acting incompetently towards myself? Where do I not represent my interests? Do I deserve to be the boss of my life or is it all right for others to boss me around? 


You're disappointed because your friend won't help you with something, even though you're constantly doing favours.

Ask yourself: Where do I sometimes refuse to help because I don't feel like it, but feel guilty afterwards? Would it do me good to be inspired by her behaviour? Would I also like to be able to set boundaries myself? Do I want to be able to say that this extra task is too much for me because I already have a lot to do that day? Would I also like to be able to say no, because I don't feel like it? Where would a healthy portion of egoism do me good?


You are angry because your partner, your children, your parents etc. don't take your needs seriously and impose their own instead.

Ask yourself: Do I take myself seriously? Do I stand up for my wishes and needs enough? Would it do me good if I spent a little less time on the needs of others and instead did things that are important to me?  Why don't I put the responsibility for meeting their needs back on them and why don't I take my own needs seriously?


It takes a lot of honesty with oneself. But honesty is highly refreshing and gets you further.

If you need help uncovering your unconscious patterns, I am delighted to be there for you.



Burnout - Only those who have secrets get under pressure

Why do you try to be someone you are not. Why do you put yourself under so much pressure?

You don't have to be perfect, you don't have to want to do everything, you don't have to be like others, you don't have to think everything is good and you don't have to please everyone.

Be honest with yourself and you have already won.

If you recognize yourself (what do I like and what do I not like, what you can do and what can I not do) and do not lie to yourself and do not try to be something that you are not, then you are invulnerable.

Admit to yourself:

  • that you are overloaded with some things
  • you can't do certain things or don't like to do them.
  • you are not perfect (mother/father, daughter/son, employee, lover, friend, etc.)
  • you don't have the "perfect" model body and maybe you don't like to do sports.
  • you can't or don't want to live up to the expectations of others (give the ball back where it came from, it's the other person's problem if they have expectations in you)

There is nothing weak about admitting that you have weaknesses. This definition only comes from evaluation and jugement. 

It shows greatness, power and charisma to stand by yourself and all that you are.


  • Stand by yourself!
  • Be honest with yourself
  • love your strengths and accept your "weaknesses"
  • Do not judge. Neither you nor others
  • Do not try to hide or embellish anything

Because you are what you are, a unique person who exists only once on this earth.

Be strong for yourself. Say yes to yourself and no to everything that does not make you feel good.

Better to be able to do more than you do, than to do more than you can."Berthold Brecht"




Iceland's volcano that erupted after 900 years of quiet subsides

Time of awakening

The Icelandic volcano has been dormant for 900 years until it now erupts again with full force.

It is similar with the earth angels.

There are so many of us. We have all lived through many lifetimes and have accumulated experience and knowledge over thousands of years.

And now is our time.

Now is the time to spread with full force, the light and the universal divine laws of love, freedom, freedom of judgment and soul development, into the world.



Live in good partnership with yourself

Elisabeth Gilbert said in a podcast. Only go where you feel warm, safe and loved. This is wonderful wisdom.

Why should I spend my time with people who humiliate me, attack me, bore me, demand things of me that I don't enjoy, try to turn me into someone I'm not and I don't want to be, make me feel wrong, make me feel uncomfortable in their company, etc.?

But what about myself? Do I treat myself with love, warmth and understanding?

1) How often do I call myself names in the mirror because I have dark circles under my eyes or I look tired, because I find my body too thin, too fat, too shapeless, not conforming to the norm, because I find I have no charisma, etc.?

2) When do I humiliate myself because I make mistakes, I made a wrong decision, I did not stand up for myself, I didn't save enough money, I don't have enough discipline and I drink too much alcohol, coffee or whatever, I eat too much, I don't exercise enough, I don't study enough for school, I give in to an addiction, I reacted the wrong way in a situation.

3) How often do I ask myself to do things that I do not enjoy and that take all my energy?

4) How often do I put my needs last and satisfy the needs of my partner, my children, my parents, my in-laws, my employer, my friends, my club, etc. first?

The way I treat and think of myself, others will also treat me, because this is what my vibration sends out.

1+2 Degrade me because I am stupid and ugly.

4 Do not take me seriously, because I am not important.

2 Treat me like an incompetent person because I make mistakes.

2 Don't trust me because I have no discipline.

3 Demand and require from me everything that is important to you, because I do not deserve to spend my time to satisfy my needs and make myself happy. Instead I should waste all my energy on your needs.

As soon as I live in a good partnership with myself and feel warm, safe and loved with and by myself, my vibration changes.

The relationship with other people adjusts itself on its own and changes fundamentally.



Trust your inner voice

But what is your inner voice?

It is your guidance that comes to you in words or feelings.

I would say the Divine Guidance. This has nothing to do with religion but with the pure, loving power from the universe.

Your guardian angel who wants to protect you and bring you on the right path.

Your Higher Self which is connected with the divine universal knowledge and knows everything about you. It tries to tell you at any time what is best for you.

Your spirit guide who wants to whisper ideas, thoughts and the appropriate words to you. For example, ask him for help and he will guide you through any difficult conversation.

The voice of different angels who want to support you in all your decisions and plans and give you the feeling that you are under their protection.

You will recognize these voices:

They are always full of love, trigger a good feeling in you, ask you to honest but loving actions and words, they never ask you to dispute and fight or to mean actions.

You can learn to trust these voices. And after that, practice makes you a master.

I wish you lots of fun.

If you need support, I will be happy to accompany you.




Why am I here

Most of us, at some point, come to the point where we ask ourselves:

Why am I here? What is my scheme of life? What is my purpose here?

Well, the answers to this questions are not handed to us on a silver platter. And yet, the answer might be obvious.

We were endowed with talents at birth. These talents serve to help us fulfil our life plan.

But how do I recognize my talents?

Talents are fun!

It may be, that we dont have right away all the prerequisites to comply our life's purpose. But everything that we learn with facility and passion belongs to our talents.

There are also talents that are so normal and natural for us that we do not even recognize them. For example, the ability to listen attentively, the ability to make people laugh or smile, the ability to build people up or be kind to them, courage, a positive attitude and thousands of other simple things. Be attentive to yourself, then you will recognize all the fabulous things you can do so naturally.

If you are good at something and love doing it, find more things that have to do with that passion and try them out. Do things that bring you joy as often as possible.

Try new things that you think you would like to do someday. This way you find out more and more what you really enjoy and what you are good at or would like to become good at. Don't get hung up on being good at something because another person, that you find so cool, is good at it. If it's hard for you to get good at it and you find that you can only learn and improve that skill obsessively and without passion, it's not yours. Try something else.

That way, step by step, you'll get closer to your talents and your scheme of life. 


Fear and anger create holes in the aura and the immune system.

The best protection against any disease is a strong immune system. We probably all agree on that.

What not everyone understands: Not only healthy food, vitamin supplements, plenty of sleep, exercise and oxygen strengthen the immune system. It's mainly our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Happiness, laughter, compassion, love, touch, mindfulness, appreciation of people, animals, nature and all that surrounds us and trust in a gracious higher power that only wants the best for us. All that make your immune system strong and healthy and give your aura the power to keep bad energy away from you.

So, what are you waiting for?

Vaccinate yourself with thought, actions and feelings full of happiness, confidence, trust, love, kindness and everything that makes you happy.




Taking decisions

A decision based on facts, is not a decision!

The compilation and weighing of positive and negative aspects leads to the fact that the mind decides what makes sense for you. This is not a decision but a logical conclusion and rarely makes you happy.

Real decisions are made exclusively from the heart.

Imagine that you take a certain decision. Does it feel good, do you feel liberated, happy, does it make you smile, dance, shine, can you literally feel your success, does your heart sing, does your whole being vibrate? Then it is the right decision for you. (17.2.21)