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Why am I here

Most of us, at some point, come to the point where we ask ourselves:

Why am I here? What is my scheme of life? What is my purpose here?

Well, the answers to this questions are not handed to us on a silver platter. And yet, the answer might be obvious.

We were endowed with talents at birth. These talents serve to help us fulfil our life plan.

But how do I recognize my talents?

Talents are fun!

It may be, that we dont have right away all the prerequisites to comply our life's purpose. But everything that we learn with facility and passion belongs to our talents.

There are also talents that are so normal and natural for us that we do not even recognize them. For example, the ability to listen attentively, the ability to make people laugh or smile, the ability to build people up or be kind to them, courage, a positive attitude and thousands of other simple things. Be attentive to yourself, then you will recognize all the fabulous things you can do so naturally.

If you are good at something and love doing it, find more things that have to do with that passion and try them out. Do things that bring you joy as often as possible.

Try new things that you think you would like to do someday. This way you find out more and more what you really enjoy and what you are good at or would like to become good at. Don't get hung up on being good at something because another person, that you find so cool, is good at it. If it's hard for you to get good at it and you find that you can only learn and improve that skill obsessively and without passion, it's not yours. Try something else.

That way, step by step, you'll get closer to your talents and your scheme of life. 


Fear and anger create holes in the aura and the immune system.

The best protection against any disease is a strong immune system. We probably all agree on that.

What not everyone understands: Not only healthy food, vitamin supplements, plenty of sleep, exercise and oxygen strengthen the immune system. It's mainly our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Happiness, laughter, compassion, love, touch, mindfulness, appreciation of people, animals, nature and all that surrounds us and trust in a gracious higher power that only wants the best for us. All that make your immune system strong and healthy and give your aura the power to keep bad energy away from you.

So, what are you waiting for?

Vaccinate yourself with thought, actions and feelings full of happiness, confidence, trust, love, kindness and everything that makes you happy.




Taking decisions

A decision based on facts, is not a decision!

The compilation and weighing of positive and negative aspects leads to the fact that the mind decides what makes sense for you. This is not a decision but a logical conclusion and rarely makes you happy.

Real decisions are made exclusively from the heart.

Imagine that you take a certain decision. Does it feel good, do you feel liberated, happy, does it make you smile, dance, shine, can you literally feel your success, does your heart sing, does your whole being vibrate? Then it is the right decision for you. (17.2.21)