Your investment in your evolution and a more carefree life

160 CHF per hour

Duration for all techniques: 60 - 120 minutes, longer if needed.

The actual time will be charged. I kindly ask you to cancel appointments at least 24 hours in advance.

My coaching technique is based on energy and vibration. Vibration is not bound to time and space. Treatments can take place in my rooms or in any quiet place and they can also be made by phone with a photo of you.


Exclusive Nature Coaching

For nature coaching we meet at a place where we can look into the distance to open our horizon. In a place where the energy vibrates high. Which supports us in receiving and integrating the vibration we work with on our topics, even more intensively. According to the chosen place, we can walk a bit while we talk about your issues.


Through its power we let nature calm us, inspire us and bring us even deeper to ourselves 



Location by arrangement. A whole morning or afternoon. By arrangement also possible from the end of the afternoon into the evening.

Investment: CHF 550.00. (including travel to and from the place and any other costs)


Health insurance approuval

My service for acupuncture massage can be submit to all EMR-affiliated health insurance companies via the supplementary insurance. Please check in advance with your insurance company whether and to what extent they will reimburse you for acupuncture massage services.