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Tamara Menard 


Your travel guide on your way of your life journey

Years ago, I discovered that I have been given the gift to connect with the energy of other people.

Through special trainings I have learned to communicate with the inner wisdom, higher self, subconscious and guardian angel of this person, which lead me to the cause of their discomfort.

At the source I dissolve the pattern/blockage with the appropriate technique and can thus set in motion a strong self-healing process.

I am happy to accompany, guide, coach and support you on your way.


Own practice since 2007

I am happy to accompany you in the languages German, French and English


My professional formation

  • Life Coach by Sigrun+Armin Ender
  • Angel-Coach by Sigrun+Armin Ender
  • Acupuncture massage according to Radloff
  • Diploma in practical psychology
  • Dipl. Instructor for Autogenic Training
  • pain therapy
  • Visceral treatments (Visceral=Organ)
  • Basic medical training
  • Hand reflexology
  • Head and migraine massage
  • Energetic massage according to Tibetan teachings
  • Classical massage according to Corsana
  • Accounting/controlling/human resources/organizational management

















My recommendations


The Café on the Edge of the World by John Strelecky - a magnificent, simply explained assistance to start taking your life into your own hands.



Natural cosmetics from Astrid "just for you". Mixed with love, especially for your needs and stirred by hand. (Website only in German)